Prac time

Well I have been a bit slack and have just started to complete week 9’s learning path. It’s time to get ready for prac. I am feeling mixed emotions at this point in time including happy, anxious and nervous. Through completing this weeks learning path. I decided to look on sonia to see if I know where I am going yet. Unfortunately no. You can find sonia’s link here.  I have also been looking at some ways in which to reflect and observe whilst on prac. I found this excellent resource.  I found this by just doing a quick google search! How I love technology. Through looking at other people’s blogs. I have found a great post by Kim, explaining the use of ICT’s in education. Something in which I need to think about for this upcoming prac. You can view Kim’s blog here


Assignment 2 DONE

YAY what can I say I am so  glad that’s out of the way. Spent so much time on it. Here’s hoping for a good mark. After looking at some other blogs my fellow peers have also showed their relief and excitement for completing their assignments. Especially from Katie where her blog made me giggle when I saw the picture she posted. Check it out here Its worth it :). 


In moving forward  I found these resources very helpful in completing my assignment. Check it out if your interested in the weather

PS. Time to get ready for prac and assignment three now. The light at the end of the tunnel is appearing!!! Im looking forward to prac that’s for sure.  Hoping to find out where I am going very soon 🙂

Close to finishing I think

Good evening all hope your enjoying your good Friday!

Today I have been working on my assignment practically all day.  I’m so close to finishing now I think… There’s still alot of little pieces that I need to fix. I’m getting ahead and have almost finished week 8’s learning path 2. YAY! I have just checked out DR Gee’s video about video games. Its funny because I think of my brother  when I watched the video. My brother is one of those computer nerds where he plays online with others for an endless amount of hours. Yet he hates maths tests etc. But when he has to do a challenge online he loves it….  what a great video. You can view it here.

As I continue working on my assignment I have been checking out other blogs. It appears to me that I have totally forgotten about professional experience just like my fellow edc3100er. Oops. You can view er blog post here. 

Making progress

Good afternoon all….. Easter isn’t long away now. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays :). I must say that I believe I am making some great progress with the assignment. Although am questioning if Power-point is to hard for preps to use…. Will debate over this for the next couple of days I think. I am up to the stage where I am just tweaking what I have written in my unit plan and enhancing the ICT’s within it. Ill be up to my 500 word essay in no time. At this point in time I have been googling seeing if power point is to hard for preps to use.I came across this site Something for me to consider. I am really just waiting on a  reply email from David to help me out. To me I guess Power point can be used if the kids are familiar with it and if their working in groups.  What do you think?


Tad stressed!

Well I’m feeling very overwhelmed at this point in time!  I feel like I am making progress with the unit plan for assignment two however. Although there are some parts that I am not feeling over confident in. To help me overcome this I am scrolling through the week 6 and week 8 learning paths. I recently just found the pedagogy wheel. All I can say is WOW!! A great resource to use when implementing ICT’s into lessons. You can find it here. As I complete assignment 2 I must also allow for myself to receive some relaxation time. Just like my fellow edc3100er who is finding a balance between the two, study and holidays in the break. You can find her blog here. Good on you Tracey 🙂 

Here’s hoping I get some more light into this assignment 

Crossing my fingers that’s for sure!

Finding ideas for my unit

Good morning….

Just have begun week 5’s learning path.  In one of the booklets it has asked me to find ideas for my unit in which I plan to create for assignment two. After doing a Google search I found some great resources to build my ideas up from including what questions I can ask to students and what activities I can do. Scootle was also a great resource where I found some ICT’s I can use including this one What a great idea to get kids introduced to what to wear on a particular day based on the weather. I also found this source too  Something in which I can also build upon from!! I had no idea of this and have many ideas going through my head as I write this blog. I am feeling excited to start writing 🙂 

Still playing catch up!

So I’ still playing catch up!

I’m blogging about the sharing curriculum and assessment week 4 learning path. 

For assignment two this is what I have chosen:

Context: Prep/ Science

My Learning Objectives:


Science Understanding-Earth and Space Sciences

Daily and seasonal changes in our environment, including the weather, affect everyday life (ACSSU004)



Share observations and ideas (ACSIS012)



  • Observations undertaken during individual and group work learning experiences
  • Students each given a timeline to follow when completing tasks, where they will have to show their progress to the educator on a weekly basis.
  • Checklist on how many daily blogs children create by themselves or in pairs
  • Educator providing feedback on child’s blogs in which they have created.
  • Anecdotal records and notes on what children research on the internet in regards to weather
  • Students practising their oral presentation in their groups where children provide feedback to one another.


  • Through observations conducted about the weather groups of four create a PowerPoint Presentation on what a typical type of weather (e.g. rain, sun, wind) affects humans, animals and student’s pets.
  • Students then split up into pairs and present their PowerPoint Presentations in which they created to fellow class members in small groups.
  • The other two team member’s film and watch their peers presentation and place the video they created on their blogs with an explanation.

 This is just an overview however, as I begin writing my learning experiences I believe my assessment will change. A fellow student of edc3100 has also chosen the same year level and learning area. She however has chosen different learning objectives. This blog however is a good resource to view and see similarities and or differences. You can view the blog here