One week until prac!!

Ah I am starting to get really excited!!! one week until prac. I am just trying to stay on top of everything as I have two assignments dueson the same day when prac finishes…. THE PRESSURE. I have just arranged to meet up with my mentor after school on Wednesday. Turns out I already know the teacher as I helped out her class when I could on my previous prac. I specifically remember doing a literacy group with her kids as she had no one else and also allowed her to borrow a children’s picture book of mine. What I have learnt is to always say yes. Because of this I am going into prac feeling confident as I already know the teacher which is a great advantage in my eyes. My fellow edc3100er Steph is also meeting her mentor teacher this week. You can check out her blog here With prac so close I have been researching what my prep students will be doing when I go into the classroom. To do this I have been looking at ACARA via this website


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