Getting ready for prac

Hi all 

Just wanted to let you all know that I am starting to prepare for prac.

I have just printed out and saved ict general capabilities in which children need to achieve by the end of prep. This will help me in my lesson plans as I know what these children should be doing when using ICT’s. The general capabilities can be found here for various age levels. You can find it here 🙂

I  have also just made a name badge for myself and I am going to make a poster explaining who I am etc for parents to view. I have also organised a time to go visit my mentor teacher. I am trying to keep on top  so I can remain on task :). Hoe this helps with everyone else going out to prac. I just want to wish Tracey good luck on her prac as she is not returning  to a  previous prac placement like this course suggests.  You can check out her thoughts and worries here


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