Well I just completed my four modules. I enjoyed each of these modules greatly and have realised how much ICT’s can influence young children in particular.

This question is one I want to consider further

  • How does your experience of the online world differ from your students?

I’m turning 21 this year so I am familiar with facebook, mobile phones and all that jazz. I believe I have a great advantage because of this. I can relate to  the children in which I teach for example ask what they last posted on facebook? or talk to them about a specific game or Ipad app e.g. candy crush. I can also ask them for help with some things in regards to technology. I can get the children to show me. I know for a fact that technology will continue to grow and that I will begin to fall behind as soon as I graduate, even if it is only a year away. A fellow edc3100er has talked about cyber bullying on her blog… another thing in which we need to consider when using and implementing ICT’s in he classroom. You can view the post here

To find more resources in regards to ICT’s visit this site. You will not be disappointed, there’s even lesson plans that can be used. WOW!!

Finally to prove I have completed all four modules, below is my very own certificate. Great for my teaching portfolio 😉


2 thoughts on “Connect.ed

  1. G’day Izzie, I wonder how long you’ll have your advantage? How long do you think it will be before your students are having a different ICT experience than you?

    I remember my daughter many years ago getting into MySpace. I was able to tell here then that MySpace was so yesterday and that Facebook was the way to go. She didn’t believe me. Of course eventually she became an avid facebook user, however I haven’t. Our experiences are diverging.


    1. Hi David yes I wonder too! Im sure this wont be for long but…. I would say about a year or too. Young children know things that I have never even heard of for example already!!

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