Finding ideas for my unit

Good morning….

Just have begun week 5’s learning path.  In one of the booklets it has asked me to find ideas for my unit in which I plan to create for assignment two. After doing a Google search I found some great resources to build my ideas up from including what questions I can ask to students and what activities I can do. Scootle was also a great resource where I found some ICT’s I can use including this one What a great idea to get kids introduced to what to wear on a particular day based on the weather. I also found this source too  Something in which I can also build upon from!! I had no idea of this and have many ideas going through my head as I write this blog. I am feeling excited to start writing 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Finding ideas for my unit

  1. That is so cool that you found some great usable resources on one of our new webpages we have signed up to. I haven’t really explored Scootle yet, but it does look like a great resource and I wish we have known about it for previous subjects.
    All the best with creating your unit plan 🙂

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