Still playing catch up!

So I’ still playing catch up!

I’m blogging about the sharing curriculum and assessment week 4 learning path. 

For assignment two this is what I have chosen:

Context: Prep/ Science

My Learning Objectives:


Science Understanding-Earth and Space Sciences

Daily and seasonal changes in our environment, including the weather, affect everyday life (ACSSU004)



Share observations and ideas (ACSIS012)



  • Observations undertaken during individual and group work learning experiences
  • Students each given a timeline to follow when completing tasks, where they will have to show their progress to the educator on a weekly basis.
  • Checklist on how many daily blogs children create by themselves or in pairs
  • Educator providing feedback on child’s blogs in which they have created.
  • Anecdotal records and notes on what children research on the internet in regards to weather
  • Students practising their oral presentation in their groups where children provide feedback to one another.


  • Through observations conducted about the weather groups of four create a PowerPoint Presentation on what a typical type of weather (e.g. rain, sun, wind) affects humans, animals and student’s pets.
  • Students then split up into pairs and present their PowerPoint Presentations in which they created to fellow class members in small groups.
  • The other two team member’s film and watch their peers presentation and place the video they created on their blogs with an explanation.

 This is just an overview however, as I begin writing my learning experiences I believe my assessment will change. A fellow student of edc3100 has also chosen the same year level and learning area. She however has chosen different learning objectives. This blog however is a good resource to view and see similarities and or differences. You can view the blog here 



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