ICT’s and the Curriculum

Hi all,

I just completed one of the activity books for this week. 

It asked us to look at ict capability in the Australian Curriculum. So I went a head and did this. 

After reading all the different organising elements I was shocked to realise how much ICT there really is. There’s enough to have five inter-related organising elements that form the ICT capability

  1. Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT.
  2. Investigating with ICT.
  3. Creating with ICT
  4. Communicating with ICT
  5. Managing and operating ICT

For more details about these five areas click here http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/GeneralCapabilities/Information-and-Communication-Technology-capability/Organising-elements/Applying-social-and-ethical-protocols-and-practices-when-using-ICT

So I went through each of these and read them. I then looked into the learning continuum (click) and read what students should be able to do by the end of year 2, year 4, year 6, year 8 and year 10. As I was reading I realised just how many students are behind with ICT’s within the classroom.  As I got to the higher levels I linked it to my past experiences at school. As I was reading I could see how it clearly linked to what I did. This however only occured as I did advanced ICT in year 10….. Something to consider. I wonder if I asked my friends who did not do any ICT in year 10, would they be able to do the skills that have been stated on the curriculum?

My friend and fellow edc3100er Stephanie Mitchell discusses this further within her blog. I agree with her in regards to ICT being a critical component in teaching. As educators we need to be aware of this, where we need to provide our students the skills and knowledge in ICTS allowing each and every one of them to succeed. 



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