Week 3

Hello Week 3!

What can I say I am really enjoying this subject. So much to learn and to improve on. I have just finished my assignment. Feeling very happy with it! Just have to make a few edits and she will be right to go. I hope? 

Now that the assignment is out the way I have just began to start the week three learning path activities. The activity that has got me engaged the most so far is the one titled ‘Find a teacher’. Who knew that you could just do a Google search to find other teachers out there blogging about their day and context. I just typed in Google ‘Blogs from early childhood teachers in Australia’. Couldn’t believe it when some results shown up on the screen. I clicked the first one and came across this http://www.letthechildrenplay.net/2011/05/14-top-australian-teacher-blogs.html. I couldn’t describe what I felt. So many blogs to choose from in the one place, all relating to my context EARLY CHILDHOOD.  I decided to look into number 7, everyday play as it seemed to appeal to me the most. So I clicked on it and viewed it. My reaction was WOW! how useful wish I knew this before.  My fellow EDC3100er Michelle Brown once again put up an inspiring post in regards to this quote “One sure fire-way to stay creative: force yourself to do something new”. What a great quote. This relates here even when Michelle posted it last week as I was dreading doing this task. When I started I began to enjoy it where I was being creative in doing various Google searches forcing myself to learn something new and that is that teachers do blog in their busy schedules. You can find Michelle’s blog here http://ictsintheclassroom.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/its-week-2-already-this-weeks-tip/

My final thoughts are as dory states:JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!



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