Week 2

Another week started off really well yesterday. Rocked up to my first on campus tutorial. At first I got lost but soon new where I had to go due to another girl standing there waiting. We chatted while other people showed up turns out there was only about 10 of us in the tut. I was so glad Katie was there as I didn’t know anyone else. We were asked to do an intro activity by David. Was nice to do something different for a change. We then hooked into our work and asked any questions that we had to David. I then began the week 2 material. 

From starting this week 2 material I found the impacts of technology change very surreal. In pracs I have witnessed teachers being too optimistic with technology while I have also seen the complete opposite where the teachers hated it. Something that I have never picked up on before.



After doing the activity on Neil Postman’s technology change I had a complete different perspective on education. It made me think of today’s world with technology! What’s changed? Who benefits? Who misses out?

This article sums it up quite nicely http://www.spinedu.com/technology-today-neil-postman-think/#.Ux6pvPmSzos. Check it out :). This statement really stands out “Unfortunately, Postman did not live long enough to see the recent evolution of the Internet and social networking, but I suspect he would be highly critical” (Spin Education, 2014). 

My friend Katie also refers to Postman in her blog in regards to his second point of “Technology creates winners and loser’s”. Within this blog she talks about her dad as the loser where he is missing out on the benefits of technology. Something in which I can relate to with my dad. I would say a generation thing going on here as my Dad is also 55 mmhm? You can visit Katie’s blog here http://kathleenmccallum.wordpress.com/

On conclusion I really like this quote. Something to think about and consider when starting assignment one. 



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