Where am I in technology?

From viewing the table presented “stages of teacher development” by Finger, et al. (2007, p. 9) I believe I am up to the investigation stage. On previous pracs I have been using ICT’s where possible for example in my last one I used bee bot, powerpoint, cameras etc. I didn’t even realise until now.  To achieve the integration stage or even the application stage I must be willing to try different ICT’s, experiment with them and use them where possible when on my next prac. This will be a big yet rewarding challenge. I must remain optimistic.  I have confidence in using ICT’s as I use them on a daily basis I have also went through school doing advanced ICTs where I made games, logos and even web sites. So ICT has always been around where I have used it.  I need to know my students and what ICT’s they have in the classroom so I can become confident in using them and integrating them within my lessons.  My learning experiences that I create for my students whilst on prac would look fun where students could get easily engaged. They would also be hands on where every child gets an opportunity to “have a go”.  They would also allow children to communicate with one another so they could recognise that they are not alone if struggling with using the ICT resource. 

From reading other blog posts a fellow edc3100er has blogged about knowing good online resources to use within the classroom environment. You can find this blog here http://kimhatfield.wordpress.com/. Kim has worded this perfectly the more resources we know and can use effectively, the greater chance we give to our students in their learning. 

Here is an example of what us educators can use to develop our ICT skills and knowledge. It all however depends on our context and our learner needs. http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2014/03/qwikslides-quickly-create-multimedia.html.


Finger, G., Russell, G., Jamieson-Proctor, R., & Russell, N. (2007). Transforming learning with ICT: Making it happen. Frenchs Forest, NSW Australia: Pearson Education Australia.



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