Feedly feed reader

Hi all. What can I say feedly feed reader is an excellent tool to use. I cant believe I didn’t know about this resource sooner. After viewing and reading allyaustin’s latest blog I agree with what she has to say in regards to  the ICT managing all EDC3100 material in the one place where you can find everything you need with convenience.  You can visit ally’s page here http://allyaustin.wordpress.com/2014/03/04/feedly-feed-reader/

The tool is very useful for myself as well in other areas. I am currently studying early childhood. So I did a quick search in the feed reader and found endless blogs about early childhood contexts. Some blogs that interested me the most were Teaching in the Early Years giving tips about things I never even thought  such as organising pencils and Teaching literacy where it even has a blog about integrating ICT’s into literacy learning.  Coincidence I think not!


Allyaustin.(2014, March 4). Feedly feed reader [Web blog post].  Retrieved from http://allyaustin.wordpress.com/2014/03/04/feedly-feed-reader/

Gray, S. (2014, February, 24). Pencil Madness [Web blog post]. Retrieved from http://www.teachingintheearlyyears.com/

Jordan, K. (2011, July, 12). Using technology in the literacy block. [Web blog post]. Retrieved from  http://teachingliteracy.global2.vic.edu.au/2011/07/12/using-technology-in-the-literacy-block/


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