My PKM process!

Prac will be here before we know it!  Time to think about it more in detail. 

Some questions in which I need to consider 

  1. Where will your Professional Experience take place?                                                           Prac will occur at state school within a grade 1 classroom. I have previously been to this school before hand where its situated 15 minutes away from where I live.                                                                      
  2. What type of people and knowledge do I need to follow and develop to do a good job on Professional Experience?                                                                                                       I need to keep in contact with my peers throughout. Get support and provide feedback to them as well. I need to gain knowledge in using ICT’s within a year one classroom environment. I must also be aware of what technology is being used in the classroom and how it is used on a daily basis. I must also ask questions to my mentor teacher and or liaison officer.
  3. What does your PE context require? What aren’t you good at? What do you need to learn more about?   The prac requires students to use ICT’s with confidence. Students must also be able to understand the use of these ICT’s and how they work. I need to understand and learn more about the ICT’s available to educators. At this present time I do not know alot about the resources we can be exposed to. I wonder how much is really out there? Maybe a simple Google search could help?

  4. What are the best resources and people to help with that? The internet would be the best resource to start at. My fellow edc3100 colleagues and the teachers/ staff that run the course would be the right people to help me with ICT issues.                                                        
  5. Who are the EDC3100 students who are most likely to have similar concerns and requirements? The students that are studying early childhood, who have the same interests as myself and who are able to use ICT’s with some confidence. In other words someone who has a growth mindset- someone who is willing to try new things like myself.              
  6. Who are the EDC3100 students who are doing something completely different from me? The students who are majoring in different areas for example primary and secondary. Students who do not have a growth mindset and who have different values, attitudes and beliefs.                                                                                                                                     
  7. What are the tools that will help me gather and follow these people? Blogs, interactions both online and face to face. Communication via facebook and or email.                                
  8. How am I going to use these tools? Via the internet , online and by researching 

    PKM needs to become a standard part of what you do, a regular routine. How best can you achieve this?  This can be done by having a set goal.  Making sure it is something that you need to do in order to succeed.  


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