Using the TEST Framework

A reoccurring problem that I keep receiving is getting to many emails at once. These emails are from different courses where I don’t know which ones are vitally important. 

I have been given this task to complete

  1. Use the TEST framework to solve one of the problems listed below.

    1. Pick one of the problems below (one that annoys you the most).

    2. Write a blog post where you use the TEST framework to analyse and select a solution to that problem.

    3. Add a link to your blog post in the “Example TEST analysis” column of the first table (make sure it’s in the row for the problem you chose).
      You may wish to think about using a URL shortener (I use to reduce the size of the link to your blog post. You can see an example from one of the teaching staff below.

    4. Take a look at some of the other example TEST analyses done by other students for the other problems.



The task I must find an answer to is how do I keep up with all the emails I receive on a daily basis as I find reading them all a time consuming task.


At this present time I live at home with my younger brother and parents.

Work 20 hours a week 

and study full time on campus at Toowoomba 

Study using both my phone and laptop at uni and home 


Prior experiences with using the uni emails 

Know how to delete and save important messages 

Can navigate and use the program efficiently due to experience.


Use email filter where I can arrange important emails into their own folders. In this case for each course I am doing this semester. 

Unsubscribe from forums that I am no longer interested in or need 

Check emails on a regular basis and delete ones that have no importance to myself 

Save important emails 

Print important emails 

Don’t let the emails pile up, keep them maintained 

This site provides further strategies  that may help you with all the emails you receive.

What can I say this test framework is very useful. Wish I knew about it a long time ago. If you are having issues with ICT’s this is the way to go as it addresses problems that you might face. 




3 thoughts on “Using the TEST Framework

  1. Thanks Isabella for helping me get my head around this TEST framework! I’m still a little frazzled with it all… Seeing your answer has helped me simplify things 🙂

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