Learning styles vs intelligences

After emailing David (the course examiner) he gave me two other questions to consider in regards to Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. These were  

Did you know that Gardner himself says<http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2013/10/16/howard-gardner-multiple-intelligences-are-not-learning-styles/> “multiple intelligences are not learning styles”?

What might Gardner’s view imply for you as a teacher?

The first question and or statement that David gave me stumbled me a bit. I just assumed that Howard’s intelligences where learning styles. After reading the report I soon realised the difference between both an intelligence and learning style. I had no idea. This therefore changed my whole thinking. As a future educator I know see a learning style as something a student chooses to use or do for example use a blue pen instead of a black pen or reflect individually rather in a group or pairs.  An intelligence is now in my mind something that a student can do easily, where they show great power in for example being creative.   


This then brings me to the second question I was given. As a teacher Howard’s view has now allowed me to see a different perspective, a perspective where a learning style and a intelligence a different. I must be able to recognise the difference and be able to determine what a child’s intelligence and learning style is when teaching and creating lesson plans. 


3 thoughts on “Learning styles vs intelligences

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing and challenging us to be alert and aware of the difference between learning styles and a child’s intelligences. We as educators are responsible for so much when it comes to the children and ensuring they learn the best ways they can. Definitely worth pondering…..

    1. Hi Tracey that’s okay I really had no idea until David pointed me in the right direction. Who knew. I always assumed that they were both the same. But with further analysis and resources David gave me I soon realised they weren’t.

  2. Great post Isabella. I agree my perspective has changed to. Another point to remember is that children can develop in all areas and may have a mix of intelligences. I am a visual person and love pictures but since doing uni online my audio skills have improved significantly and is another strength. Its important as teachers we give students a variety of opportunities to foster growth in developing new ways to learn.

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