A time consuming task (QuestGarden)

I have been given this question to consider. 

Think back on one of the frustrations or time-consuming tasks you’ve already undertaken in this course (or elsewhere) with ICTs.

Was it caused by you not understanding the schemata/model of the ICT? What was the difference between your model of what was happening and the model of what was actually happening?


In another subject titled EDX3280 Maths Curriculum and Pedagogy we were given the task of making a web quest for children to use. I found this task quite overwhelming and daunting Why? Because I did not understand the model of ICT occurring or had no knowledge of the technology schema . I had no understanding/ comprehension of this program before hand and we were asked to learn and use it by ourselves. I had to be positive and use a growth mindset throughout. I had occasions where I was posting items onto my webpage but when I viewed the webpage they were gone and not there. Turns out I was using the wrong model where I was viewing the web pages in the wrong place. Something so simple but when you are unaware of the schema or model on how a technology item is used  or how it should work things can become problematic and hard to achieve. 


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