Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

I have been given this task to complete:

Critically reflect on your theories

By this point in your studies you should have been exposed to and required to make use of any number of theories related to learning and teaching.

Pick one that you have used, or at least said you used in an assignment or talking to another student/teacher. Write a blog post reflecting on that theory and how you used it (or claimed to use it).

Make sure that your blog post contains most (if not all) of the 5 elements of reflection Make sure it is not an example of descriptive writing, try to aim for critical reflection.

Make sure that you analyse your assumptions, illustrate your contextual awareness and if possible engage in a bit of imaginative speculation and reflective skepticism.

The theory I have chosen is Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences

Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory recognises that children have different types of learning styles.

Through personal experience on prac I have seen different types of learning occurring within the classroom environment.

Through my own experiences whilst on prac I have established that all children learn differently even if they are of the same age or gender. Their learning styles are also complex where I believe Howard Gardner does not recognise all types of learning. I question where ICT fits? visually, kinaesthetically or something else?

Think otherwise:
From talking to others their ways of thinking in relation to Howard Gardner are that educators should not label their learners into specific categories instead recognise connections to what Howard Gardener states.

In reflection, I have learnt that the Howard Gardeners theory can be used as a tool to see what type of learner a student can be. However educators should not label children into specific categories based on what Howard Gardner describes.

I have also realised and wonder where ICT’s fit into Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences?
Is it visually because children are looking at certain items on the screen or kinaesthetic as children are moving their hands or other body parts due to activities they have been asked to complete. Or are there other intelligences occurring?
I also question if there are a number of intelligences that can occur when using ICT’s?
How can you tell if a child favours an intelligence over the other when using ICT?


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