Checking my understanding of some models, frameworks and theories

In this weeks learning path we have been asked to complete a table in regards to what we know about some models, frameworks and theories. Below is what I have done. I found this task both challenging and fun. Sadly I did’nt remember much so i had to go back and do some research  where I found these sites to help me out , and


Here is what a fellow edc3100er did with the table presented. You can view it by clicking here. Within this I can see both similarities and differences in regards to what Ruth wrote and myself!




Application to Assignment 3/Professional Experience

CLEM Model

Help understand how to learn about a new ICT and how to use it to enhance student learning.

If there are any new ICTs you need to use it might help your explorations.

Hence might be useful as a part of the planning process for Part B.

TPACK framework

 Bringing  together knowledge of subject matter, what is good for learning, and technology (ICT).

 Deep knowledge of how ICT can be used  to access and process subject matter  and understanding how ICT can support and enhance learning 

Backwards design

Creative planning and teaching that occurs through the alignment of the curriculum in regards to what is taught, the assessment  and how it is assessed, and pedagogy with how a teacher teaches into a planning process.

 Recognises the end result in regards to what students will know and be able to do as a result of a created lesson plan.

SAMR Model

A tool for using ICT integration into the classroom

 Using ICT’s to replace old tech with new technology, increase functionality, using ict’s to redesign tasks and lessons and create new tasks that involve ICT’s

TIP Model

 TIP model is created as a guide that ensures the efficiency of integrated technology about whether it meets the needs of students or not.

 Does the ICT have advantages?

Pros and cons list of the technology that you used in your lesson.

Define what worked well and what could be improved.

The 5Es

 Don’t see this applicable for my professional experience

  Don’t see this applicable for my professional experience


 We are learning to- This is where children begin to fully understand what they are learning rather than doing


What I am looking for- This is where children know about how their work will be judged and what the teacher wants to see in their final task.

 For example we are learning to use a camera 

We are learning to use different ICT’s


Student’s see the bigger picture where they know what the teacher is looking for when students are using ICT’s.


 In our technological and networked world, educators should consider the theory that learning occurs through connections within networks.

 Various tools of technology.

Students take control of their learning, where they can make connections to other students ll over the world.

Bloom’s taxonomy

 Bloom’s taxonomy refers to a classification of different objectives that educators set for students

 Teachers question children’s learning where both high order and low order questioning can occur.

Postman’s 5 things

 Don’t see this applicable for my professional experience

 Don’t see this applicable for my professional experience

Toolbelt theory/TEST framework

Teaching students to analyze tasks, the environment by using their own individual skills through the use of appropriate tools. 

 Students make their own decisions

ICT’s allow students to do things differently as their is more way to doing it. 


 A range of resources you can pick up from on a daily basis including from a network of people and sources

 Looking an researching though ICT tools where it filters and creates allowing for children to be more focused on the set task



Hello week 11

Well I have just started week 11’s learning path activities. I know for a fact that the classroom I am entering for prac has an interactive whiteboard. I am however not sure how much this ICT tool is used and for what purpose it is used for. I am hoping I can find this out on Wednesday. Using an interactive whiteboard is also very new to me. Last year on my prac I did use this ict tool but not to its fullest potential. I did not tap on it or allow students to touch it. I am hoping this time I can be more confident in using it and allowing my students to also use it. Bring on the challenge I say. As I am progressing with week 11’s learning path I have just came across a new framework/model called CLEM. This will be a very useful tool to use on prac. I will also discuss this model an framework in my assignment 3 part b area. Thankyou David for introducing this to me. The discussion of what CLEM stands for can be found here

One week until prac!!

Ah I am starting to get really excited!!! one week until prac. I am just trying to stay on top of everything as I have two assignments dueson the same day when prac finishes…. THE PRESSURE. I have just arranged to meet up with my mentor after school on Wednesday. Turns out I already know the teacher as I helped out her class when I could on my previous prac. I specifically remember doing a literacy group with her kids as she had no one else and also allowed her to borrow a children’s picture book of mine. What I have learnt is to always say yes. Because of this I am going into prac feeling confident as I already know the teacher which is a great advantage in my eyes. My fellow edc3100er Steph is also meeting her mentor teacher this week. You can check out her blog here With prac so close I have been researching what my prep students will be doing when I go into the classroom. To do this I have been looking at ACARA via this website

Getting ready for prac

Hi all 

Just wanted to let you all know that I am starting to prepare for prac.

I have just printed out and saved ict general capabilities in which children need to achieve by the end of prep. This will help me in my lesson plans as I know what these children should be doing when using ICT’s. The general capabilities can be found here for various age levels. You can find it here 🙂

I  have also just made a name badge for myself and I am going to make a poster explaining who I am etc for parents to view. I have also organised a time to go visit my mentor teacher. I am trying to keep on top  so I can remain on task :). Hoe this helps with everyone else going out to prac. I just want to wish Tracey good luck on her prac as she is not returning  to a  previous prac placement like this course suggests.  You can check out her thoughts and worries here


Well I just completed my four modules. I enjoyed each of these modules greatly and have realised how much ICT’s can influence young children in particular.

This question is one I want to consider further

  • How does your experience of the online world differ from your students?

I’m turning 21 this year so I am familiar with facebook, mobile phones and all that jazz. I believe I have a great advantage because of this. I can relate to  the children in which I teach for example ask what they last posted on facebook? or talk to them about a specific game or Ipad app e.g. candy crush. I can also ask them for help with some things in regards to technology. I can get the children to show me. I know for a fact that technology will continue to grow and that I will begin to fall behind as soon as I graduate, even if it is only a year away. A fellow edc3100er has talked about cyber bullying on her blog… another thing in which we need to consider when using and implementing ICT’s in he classroom. You can view the post here

To find more resources in regards to ICT’s visit this site. You will not be disappointed, there’s even lesson plans that can be used. WOW!!

Finally to prove I have completed all four modules, below is my very own certificate. Great for my teaching portfolio 😉


Have just started week 10’s learning path. I am on a roll today! 

Whilst doing this I decided to check sonia again. Turns out my placement was there. The stress of not knowing where I was going was making me more stressed than ever. I know feel more exited to begin  🙂 

In week 10’s learning path an issue has been raised about re blogging. I am one of these who constantly re blogs all the time. My thoughts on this issue are both good and bad. I see re blogging as a way to get out of things and copy other peoples work but also a way in which people can grow on from and develop new ideas and opinions on about different topics. I know I have re blogged because I want to see what other people think. I want to re blog so I can see how other educators are feeling. I want to re blog so I can follow other teachers encounters etc. This re blogging helps me further my learning. On this note I want to reblog Christina’s post as it really makes you think. Great job!  I would like to point out that I am using Christina’s post as an inspiration tool. I did not use this post to help me with my word count. I also did not use this post too copy her work. Instead I have used Christina’s blog post to show off another educators perspective and learning, rewarding her for her efforts. 🙂

PS. Everything after all does change. This including the use of re blogging. This however has to be done in a safe manner where everyone is protected. Something that did not occur with this ICT tool. Check it out


New week

Hi all, 

Just finished my week nine’s learning path activities. I really enjoyed doing this especially the activities in regards to lesson planning. I am from an early childhood context so lesson plans are not my speciality.  I however knew some things about lesson planning. But after looking at some resources, I soon realised I was missing some important key factors. These tools helped me greatly and After reading these I realised how important lessons can be and  why they should engage students. I am now up to week 10’s learning path.

2 weeks until prac and I still dont know where I am going… the pressure  is killing me haha!

Just like Bec I am stalking sonia too! You can check out her blog here